San Jose Urban Agriculture and Tree Canopy Inventory

I worked in partnership with San Jose State University and Trimble Navigation inc. to demonstrate innovative applications for Trimble technologies to help battle food insecurity in the City of San Jose California. A full description of the project can be found at  
provided image analysis services for the project, including creating image mosaics composed of over 1,000 tiles of 3" spatial resolution orthophotography and corresponding LiDAR point cloud data

developed an eCognition rule-set that first separated out the vegetation features from the man-made features in the mosaic using spectral information from the 3" resolution imagery.

The rule-set then separated low vegetation from trees by extracting height information from the 3-d LiDAR data for each vegetated area. 

This is the final tree canopy map for the urban agriculture study area:

Here is a more detailed overview of the classification:

I was also able to incorporate existing GIS building footprint information to improve the classification results