Urban Impervious Surface Mapping

The purpose of this demonstration project was to extract urban impervious surfaces from publicly available USDA NAIP imagery (2006 1m resolution color). The subset is the area around King County International Airport in Seattle. I would like to thank the KCGIS Center for making this data publicly accessible (www.kingcounty.gov/operations/GIS/GISData.aspx).

This is the base imagery:

In this derived product, each parcel is classified according to its majority status (impervious or permeable).  The boundaries in this rendering are a composite of features extracted from the image and an existing parcel layer:

This is another derived product showing a heat map of percent impervious with each parcel:

Public ROW parcels and open water are filtered out by the eCognition process. 

Incorporating the parcel layer into the image segmentation process sets the stage for automated updating and change detection with new imagery in the future